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Fix It

Instructor - Carol Puntel

Some of you know about humility stitches, but there are times when humble means actually having to fix something. Do you want to learn how to pick up those pesky dropped stitches (even when you are working in pattern or they have dropped down more than one row)? Do you want to learn about “frogging” and “tinking” and getting your stitches back on the needle with them all going in the right direction? What happens if you finish the row and there are too many or too few stitches? Are your yarn overs going in the correct direction? How about your increases and decreases? Is there a hole in your garment (or socks) that you want to repair? What happens when you get all done and the sweater is too big or too small----is there a way to fix this other than giving it away? Come to this class and learn these and other “Fix-It” techniques to help reduce your stress.

There is homework for this class.

Cost - $35