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Two at a Time (TAAT) Toe-up Socks Using Magic Loop {Part 1}

Instructor - Carol Puntel

If you have knitted socks before and would like to be able to make two at once this could be your chance. If you have knitted socks before from the cuff down and would like to try toe up, this is also your chance. If you have never used the Magic Loop method of circular knitting this is definitely your chance.

Knitting socks from the toe up can help with customizing fit. This is also a great way to build in your gauge swatch. Finally, it is a great way to be sure you balance the yarn properly to get the same length cuffs without running out.

Some folks suffer from “second sock syndrome”. You finish one sock and instead of wanting to do the next one, you want to try a new yarn, pattern, or size. Off you go and suddenly you have a collection of single socks. Knitting two at a time (TAAT) can resolve this.

Magic Loop is a method of knitting in the round using one long circular needle. Many find this easier than manipulating dpns.

In this two- part class we will learn a special cast on and heel specifically designed for toe up. We’ll learn how to do two socks at once. You will also learn how to apply the Magic Loop method to socks and other circular projects.

Students should have knitted at least one pair of socks and have an understanding of basic sock construction and circular knitting. This is NOT an introductory sock class.

This is a two part class. The second class takes place on May 20th.

Cost - $40